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Watch this powerful 25-minute Virtual/In-Person (V/IP) meeting featuring Dr. Anthony Fauci, Rotary President Holger Knaack, Past Rotary President Cliff Dochterman, Rotary International CEO John Hewko, and leaders from the Gates Foundation, World Health Organization, GAVI and Yale, who will address how Rotarians can help save lives during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
In video settings, select from 15 different language subtitles.

Watch this Quick Start Video on how easy it is to run an engaging Virtual/In-Person (V/IP) meeting. For more information on making your V/IP meeting a success, check out the Quick Start Guide.

Hosting A Great V/IP Meeting

1. Broadcast Live

By placing a laptop on the lectern in front of the room, you can leverage its camera and microphone to allow your presenter to communicate with your online, and in-person, audiences.

2. Projection

Many clubs use a projector for in-person meetings. Using the same projector can bring the online audience or remote presenters into your meetings.

3. Quality Audio

Balancing in-person microphones and speakers with an online broadcast is important. Our guides will help you get the right equipment for your meetings.

4. In-Room Video

Connect a separate camera so the online audience can see and communicate with people in the room. You can use a webcam, or a smartphone.

5. Meeting Team

To host a V/IP (hybrid) meeting you need help! Have members volunteer to be a part of the tech team to setup and manage the meeting.

6. Great Presenters 

Now that you are all set to host your meeting, your presenters can be anywhere in the world, opening your club up to new ideas for engaging connections.

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Large and small clubs can tailor configurations based upon available audio visual equipment. A small club, up to 50 people, can operate with a single additional omnidirectional microphone and webcam. More sophisticated clubs can use multiple cameras and advanced audio systems.


In-Person participants can speak to virtual participants. They can socialize before and after meetings, and engage in discussions during meetings.


Rotarians, guests and presenters can choose how to participate at V/IP (hybrid) meetings. Those online can engage from the comfort of their homes, while others may attend safely onsite. V/IP meetings makes it easy for invited guests, members and world-class speakers to be heard by Rotarians worldwide!

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